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j61 - Voice Recognition  - YouTuBe Playlist
Vibes and Voice Recognition
6.7.16 - 22:18
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for the discerning human

Welcome to My BLoG!

DOMAIN BASED DOMAINiNG,. domainer,. the RaGe!

I I have notions all over what i might try to write about.

Sometimes i get near right to it,. but,. more times than not,. the slave piT confinee i aM,.

generally it turns out.. if all goes well enough

i will get the frame of the post sorta set and then,. as i find the mood and TiMe

i return on rounds to different sites/frames going on to expound on

page and post material with, somehow connected something.

It seems to me that many people might have had something similar to,.

the,. we will call it,. the HaT episode,. ok,. wait,.

" Sure be nice to have a full size knit winter hat "

I had just scrapped that years van, happened two years in a row like that.

Used it to eat basically,. didnt pay the bills and was on a slow grind to eviction.

So,. round went the slow crawl.. walking and bicycling,. if possible.

Then,. with this post,. is the iDea i will lead to the vibes and voice recognition part.

Two recognized saying.

Another remembers not something said that aligns with thinking a placement once found.

Updating.... .... ... .. .  whenever! - Thanks for stopping by.

Why not gather the likeminded interested you found socializing,. to

YOUR personalized DOMAIN BASE!

Peoples Assembly,. you too!

Say iT BesT with DOMAINS and EXTENSIONS that Say iT BesT!

Why not free your mind to the obvious real reality we already understand, since it USED to be,. obvious? - The SOLiD BOTTOM you have been looking for,. found. ;{o
DOMAIN BASED DOMAINING,. domainer,. the RaGe!
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